Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today is December 3 and I am thinking about Christmas, as I am sure you are too. My projects are going well and I only have added 2 more to my list. My grandaughters sweaters are finally finished and the photos will get done this weekend for my Christmas cards. Our family is so blessed.

Thank you for all the good times and blessing that you have heaped onto The Yarn Cottage these last eight months that I have been opened. I would love to give everyone a gift but let's face it, that isn't going to happen. The Cottage is just not ready for that financially, so what we can do for our friends and customers is give you the gift of knitting knowledge. Our Friday class, the Stitch and Skill Builder, is at 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM and our gift to you is that this class will be FREE from now until Christmas. We will also offer this on Wednesday mornings. Please call and sign up so I will be able to judge how much and what kind of help I will need here in the shop. So many of you have learned so much with us this year and I am so proud of the knitters and crocheters that have challenged themselves with each new project. That is truly the way to learn. We are still doing the first and third Thurday nights, so come join us. We have also added another new face here, come in and meet Melissa. She is so cool and knitting savvy.

There is going to be something GREAT for you happening on New Year's EVE morning so watch for the next blog the week of Christmas. You will not want to miss this. We are really pumped about this event.

Enjoy this time, come have a cup of tea or coffee with us and sit and knit.


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