Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh man, where did the summer go???? I can't believe it is almost over and we are ready to get knitting for fall and, heaven help us, the HOLIDAYS. We are hearing around the shop that alot of people are getting knitted items for Christmas. Personally, I think someone would rather have something made especially for them. I would love someone to knit something for me (just in case my daughter is reading this). She is busy knitting three sweaters for my granddaughters for me and she is also going to help me in the shop this fall. Her name is Leah so when you see her in here, please make her feel useful.

The shop is growing, thanks to all of my customers and yarn reps. I just can't say no to yarn. The fall is going to be fun for felting. We have a customer already knitting pumpkins for Thanksgiving. A fun, free pattern from Cascade to use with their Cascade 220. ( which we have a ton of). I have verigated yarns for felting boots and slippers for adults and children. My motto is one for you and one for me, what's yours?

Our Knit Along project sweater is going quite well. There are alot of us doing the Hey Teach! and seem to be learning about lace, gauge and shaping within a lace pattern. Does anyone have thoughts about the next project? Ya'll know I am always open for suggestion.

If you have been away from your needles this summer I think you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable they feel in your hands again. I also hope that you will be pleasantly surprised when you get a moment to come in to see us here at the Cottage and see how ready we are for all your knitting needs. Thursday's knit night starts again this Thursday night, it's is from 4:30 till 7:30. We are going to be eating and knitting and catching up with one another. Hope to see you there.