Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us. My knitting bag is bursting at the seams with all the projects I want to do and need to do ( for Christmas of course) and I can't wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to sit down and knit off my 'turkey buzz". Do you know the feeling????

Knitting is so exciting right now to me because of so many new yarns in our shop. Malabrigo worsted and silky marino is to die for. Cascade's new line of washables are fabulous. Classic Elite has some luscious fibers and the dye grabbed the fiber just right to make a really good clear color. These are just a few of our new offerings. The Addi Lace Clicks are on reorder ( the first order of them flew out the door within a week). You really owe it to yourself to knit with an Addi lace if you never have done so.

The cutest things in the shop right now are the tooth fairy dolls for boys and girls. You knit and felt the cutest ballerina or skater boy. Come see the sample we have knitted up.

Our Sugar Maple KAL is coming to an end. Everyone has something different. It has been done in chunky to sock yarn and it looks great in each yarn. I have a shawl in all three weights. We will get another KAL going after January 1, so if you have any ideas for something let me hear from you.

Happy Day to you and yours. The Yarn Cottage is thankful for everyone of you that has kept us in business. This was a hard summer for alot of people, us included, but we are still here with the doors open and the yarn jumping off the shelf to go home with you.

See you soon,

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