Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's Knit.....

Even though it has been longer than I realized since my last blog, never fear ! I have been knitting. I have completed several projects. A SKIF sweater that I thought would be the death of me, it just went on FOREVER... A couple of really, I think, cute tanks to end out the summer. But, now it is going to be cool soon (really it is one day soon, huh?) and I have 2 more sweaters on the needles. I am almost finished with a Clementine Shawlette made from Tilli Tomas and a wrap called the Springtime Bandit made with Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. The cast on for that one was a real challenge. Last night I was trying to decide about a Christmas present for my mom. Remember last year and the year before? She puts these gifts in a drawer saying they are too nice to use. Should I take that as a message or is this just a generational thing?

We have a new person working here, Eebie Cheshire is with us. She is the lovely model in the Zalea ad for The Yarn Cottage wearing the blue sweater that she knitted. She is a very skilled knitter and can answer anything that comes her way about knitting. She's a great addition to the shop. She had a fun first day. We had sales people here and she loved helping choose yarn for the coming season. It is on the way already.

The shop is coming along. We have some of the summer stuff still on sale while trying to make room for the winter things. Have you seen the great retro ponchos in the shop???? Think glamour. Think movie stars from the 40's. I want to do some really cool stuff with you this winter. We have novelty yarns back in the shop, we have several superwash wools and blends of. The fibers for the fall are wonderous. Come see and feel. We are knitting.......

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  1. Why didn't I know we had a yarn store in this area???