Monday, April 26, 2010

Home from Stitches in Atlanta!!!!! If you have never been to a Stitches, let me recommend to you that you GO. The classes are so good and just meeting and talking with other knitters from all over is so cool. I saw alot of people that I knew and met some new ones. Knitters, by and large, are a nice group of people. Saw alot of them that really like to drink beer, go figure.

The hotel we stayed in was very nice. It was connected to the convention hall so we never had to get back in the car once we arrived. And if you have driven in Atlanta before, you realize what a plus this is. It was interesting to see the bar and the lobby dotted with men and women knitting on projects and just visiting. And yes, I did say men. Leah took classes with Melissa Leapman on cabling techniques and her samples of what she learned is just incredible. I do believe she is a natural born knitter. I took classes on different methods of continental knitting and on Nups, bobbles and cluster stitches. My hands and wrists still ache.

We both hope to share with you what we learned so come in and see...

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