Friday, July 3, 2009


Thank you everyone for making our first official "Sale" a big Firecracker of a success. I hope we didn't load you all up with too many goodies, because we spent today loading up the shelves with a bunch more...things you've been asking for, like Blue Sky Alpaca, and Kollage, for example, and more cool ribbons and scarf yarns. The kid's classes are going great, and we had another beginning crochet team, 4 great young ladies and 3 moms, here this morning, everyone making a great neckscarf, which I am sure they will need right away in Fairhope these days, LOL. I think purses may be on the agenda for the next class.

I would like to extend a grateful thank-you to all those who responded to my request for wuzzies-blankies for the Baldwin County Care House. Looks like we will have a bunch ready to deliver soon. For the time being, I am going to wait for this crop before giving out some more kits. They are mostly about half-done it looks like, except for Nancy, who blasted through hers and is already done! Thank you all!

We are getting ready to host our first-ever Sock-A-Thon, which should be a blast, with lots of techniques, all in one day. What better way to get a handle on all those strange and curious sock procedures. Heidi is writing up a list of "homework" (mostly knitting little swatches) to post on our classes page that you need to bring with you, so you can learn the most cool stuff possible on the 25th (noon - 6 pm). Class size is limited, so reserve your spot early. It is just 3 weeks away.

I would like to hear from some of you about more ideas for classes and events. We are always open to suggestions, and aim to tailor our classes to your needs.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday everyone, knit or crochet many many hundreds of yards in peaceful and patriotic bliss, and remember, Mary Claire says you must be at least "this tall" to unwind at the Yarn Cottage!

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  1. Hello Rhonda,
    I sure miss being able to come and sit/knit with you guys. I want you to know that I've never been made to feel so comfortable and welcomed as you and your friends made me feel at the Cottage. I am happy to say that my husband is feeling better, still can't run any races, but he is up and about a little more. After returning from the south, he had a set back, so we are happy that today is a better day. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for our family. God is in control and that is what I kept reminding myself.

    Any ways, just know that I love the Yarn Cottage and will come by every chance I get when I come south. My kids arrive in the classroom Monday, but I will be wishing for that sweet town of Fairhope and my knitting buddies to be in my future real soon.

    I am working on my second mistake shrug with the beautiful yarn I got from the Cottage, trying to get Christmas stuff finished!!

    Take care and happy knitting,