Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Young Knitters

Would you just look at the age of starting knitters here at The Yarn Cottage! Our Nona is helping a nine year old who was shopping with her mom, who crochets, and she decided Ms. Nonna looks like she is having fun with those sticks and string and wanted to try it. And folks, she did. The student is very able and Nona is a fabulously good knitter and teacher. Now, Mary Claire on the other hand is trying to decide which color she wants. (She decided on the pink) We are having a great time here at The Yarn Cottage. The yarn and goodies are still coming. The Namaste bags have been a great hit. Every style and every color. Nobody can have just one. The classses are filling and Thursday night Knit and Eat is a huge hit. We laugh and eat and knit (mostly eat and laugh), but hey, we knit everywhere else. The lace classes are going well. Our students are quite capable and excited about learning new things. The lace scarf/shawl class is starting next week and is being taught by Nona, and if you haven't seen her lace repertoire you are missing out on "lace heaven".
The Yarn Harlot booksigning is next Tuesday at Page and Pallette here in Fairhope. Thanks to Keifer and Karen for bringing her to our neighborhood. We are going to have refreshments here at The Yarn Cottage beginning at 4:30 for those of you who are traveling here to see her. Come join us for fun and refreshments and then maybe we can all march over there together.
If you haven't been in yet to see us, please use this event to stop in and say hello. We love meeting new knitters, crocheters and tatters.

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  1. Hello Rhonda,

    I just love the photo of Oliva and Nona. I will remember looking across the store and seeing that moment forever---it was absolutely precious. I hope this was only one of many memories that I am able to make at the The Yarn Cottage with my girls as I share with them my passion for yarn. Olivia is excited and already planning her summer projects.